Shemale Strippers & Go-Go Girls

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Looking to hire a stripper/go-go girl for your next party?

Then why not think about hiring a Shemale Stripper or Go-Go Girl to entertain at your stag/hen/sten party or lads/girls night out..

When hiring a stripper/go-go girl

Have you hired a Shemale Stripper/Go-Go Girl before? If not it may be an idea to check with the guys if they can handle it.  If you are confident with your own sexuality, what’s the problem!

Can you touch the stripper/go-go girl?

Our girls don't mind a gentle touch touching but not mauling or man handling.

Can you take photos?

Our girls have no problem with that.

Do you have the room?

Make sure you have a room that is large enough and discreet enough. You could always check with your local Pub/Gentlemen’s Club to see if they can accommodate.

XXX Shows

This is a whole new level of sexy fun, the show will be raunchy and there will be lots to see, and see it you will, close up. Our girls start their show in a spectacular way in that they are fully nude from the start and will shock and awe you– these are the shows that are reserved for special types of party where the guests are aware, maybe not the stag, the venue is aware, and will ensure the night will start with a high. The girls will be up and personal and you will see every part of them, close up, with little left to the imagination.  Anise will even perform a Live Sex show in which members of your party can take an active part!  If the site of a naked shemale flashing her penis may be offensive to any of your guests then best they not attend or, maybe, book a female stripper.